Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recovery Is So Not My Nature

By nature I move fast and I think fast.

Because of that nature, I think that I should recover fast.

Right now I am moving slow and thinking slow.

This is hard.

I have to remember that my body went under anestesia and went through major surgery.

Praise the Lord that every day I get a little better, but I am used to going from sunup to sunddown without stopping and being ok with that.  I actually thrive on it.

I love to move and be on the go and be a part of things.

Now I go for a couple of hours and I need to lay down and rest.

I know this is normal and I know this is ok, but it is hard.

The Lord is teaching me a lot in this.  He is showing me to slow down and depend on Him and other people.  I have been so blessed to have so many people helping me.  I have gotten to see the Body be the Body and function like God intends for it to be done.

So pray that I will be ok going at the pace that I am going and not overdo it.  Pray that I would continue to use the opportunities God is giving me to be still and allow Him to speak to me and show me what He has for me.

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