Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Hospital Stay

Words can not even begin to describe what a wonderful experience (for what it is really) I had yesterday.

God was so good to me.

And truly it is only because of the Lord that I can go through an experience like this with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

The day started out with them having to inject radio active dye into me to find the centinal (main) lymph node.  Two of my sweetest and funniest friends got to be in the room with me.

You can only imagine the laughter and jokes about me glowing and when he injected the pain medicine a little squirted up on my face and they said it was because he didn't want me to ask any more questions.

We had too much fun.

Then I went to pre-op where I was surrounded by friends and family that prayed sweet prayers over me.  Prayers of peace and healing and quick recovery.

God is already moving mightily there.

I came out of surgery and was continued to be surrounded by so many people, beautiful flowers and dinner brought to me.

All the while I was coherant and mobile and not in much pain (I do have some good drugs!)

My children came to see me and were at peace that momma was ok.

A sweet girl spent the night at the hospital and we talked until mid night with the lights off.  At one point I told her it felt like we were at camp and not the hospital.

God is good.

He is in control and He loves to lavish His goodness on His children.

I am home now and recovering.  I go back to the doctor on Thursday.  They will have the final pathology report from the lymph nodes, but right now it still looks like it was not invasive and that they got it all.

Pray that I am cancer free!!

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